Uses Of Desi Cow Ghee For Eyes

Uses Of Desi Cow Ghee For Eyes

Ghee is essentially good for health with many nutrients in it. The right amount of ghee consumption every day helps you keep your health good. Centuries ago ghee is used in Ayurveda practices in tandem with herbal medicine.

Desi Ghee is enriched with many antioxidant properties that enhance immunity and can boost digestion power. Experts suggest that the right amount of pure desi ghee improves your health and fights against diseases.

Desi ghee with its vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, consumed in the right amount on a daily basis than it has some miraculous improvements in your overall health. But ghee can also be used externally for hair and skin and  holds many magical benefits. 

Indian cow ghee can be called a powerhouse of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. The presence of numerous fatty acids in the ghee can provides moisture and hydration to our skin and even helps in hair growth and its texture. It can stabilize the pitta in our body if we add desi ghee to a daily routine and even keeps us calm and active.

Ghee is considered more for its spiritual and medicinal properties. However there is an increase in scientific research on ghee that how ghee benefits health, yet more research is needed. Ghee not only benefits by consumption but also by external use for face, scars, burnt wounds, hair, and more. Do you wonder how cow ghee improves eyesight and how it is used for the eyes? 

The eyes are the most important sense organ for all living beings. Nowadays we could even see small children wear spectacles due to long hours of exposure to on-screen gadgets, and lifestyle. Instead of taking expensive medications, you take care of our eyes in an elemental Ayurvedic way as our ancestors followed and lived a long life with good eyesight. 

Desi Cow Ghee Benefits with Eye Health

Desi cow ghee is the highly clarified butter prepared by churning the cured obtained from the grass-fed desi cow’s milk. Pure desi cow ghee is enriched with antioxidants, Vitamin A, D, E, and K, Omega 3, 6, and 9.

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Ghee for Dry Eyes

As pure cow ghee is enriched with vitamin A, which is very much essential for the eyes. It is known for its amazing lubricating power and maintains the hydration level of the eyes preventing dry eye syndrome

People who are exposed to long hours of screen time often suffer from this dry eye syndrome. Desi cow ghee for dry eyes moisturizes and retrieves the natural health of lacrimal ducts which helps in lubricating and endures better eye health.

How to Use Desi Ghee for Eye health?

Netra Tarpana

Netra Tarpana is an ayurvedic treatment where the pure ghee extracted from the grass-fed desi cow milk is used for the ayurvedic eye treatment. The Netra Tarpana ghee is taken in the eye bath, press the eye cups into the eyes and open the eyes for 2-3 minutes. As desi ghee is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, it helps to maintain optimal eye health and prevents eyesight problems. 

Traditionally Urad flour dough is prepared and kept around the eyes to prevent the leakage of desi cow ghee. Nowadays eye cups are easily found in the pharmacy and make sure to sterilize the cups well every time before using them for the eye bath.

  • Heat 2-3 tablespoons of desi cow ghee with sterile equipment.
  • Do not use hot ghee it is highly prohibited to pour into the eyes.
  • Let the ghee cool down to room temperature.
  • Now take the Netra Tarpana ghee in an eye bath and press the eye cups by laying your head down. 
  • Holding the eye bath cup firmly, open your eyes for 2 minutes.
  • Keep looking around and blinking with your eyes dipped with the desi ghee. 

Repeat the Netra Tarpana ghee treatment process 3-4 times a week to balance the pitta in your body. It is always advised to use fresh desi cow ghee for the eyes that prevents harmful bacteria from affecting your eyes.


  • The hydrating quality of cow ghee for eyes keeps the lacrimal glands or lubricating gland active reducing dry eye syndrome.
  • Ayurvedic eye treatment ghee provides a cooling effect and keeps your eye fresh.

It is always recommended to take ayurvedic eye treatment under a skilled ayurvedic eye therapy expert. Besides skill and expertise, it is necessary to take the treatment with pure ghee else the treatment may harm the eye.

Home Remedies With Cow Ghee

Some of the home remedies with cow ghee for eye health are as follows

  • Desi cow ghee for eyes is rich in vitamin A which is essentially required for good eyesight. Regular consumption of desi cow ghee improves your eyesight with vitamin deficiency.
  • Applying ghee to the sole of the feet improves your eyesight 
  • Consuming a mixture of cow ghee with black pepper powder daily will help you to improve your vision.
  • A mixture of ghee and honey with a 2:1 proportion has shown proven results of improving vision.

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Cow ghee in the daily diet is the best health practice to follow. Desi cow ghee with its enormous health benefits slows down aging, renders youthful skin, balances your weight, and enhances eye health and its brightness. 

With the increase in the working time on-screen with advancement and the lifestyle. Even people at young ages are getting affected with eyes looking at the world through spectacles. Use the pure form of ghee for a healthy vision for long life. This ayurvedic treatment of cow ghee for eyes and home remedy improves your vision to a great extent. Use the pure desi cow ghee and see the wonderful benefits of ghee.